Freestyle, head-2-head debate competitions over live video

UFC for debates. We are the only online platform for live video debate tournaments, which feature eloquent debaters, credible judges and awesome prizes.

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Hello PH Community, I’m one of the Founders at QallOut, the 1st online platform for live video debates (think “Twitch” for debates!). As you may have noticed, there's been a lot of talk recently about fake news, divisiveness and 'echo chambers'. These are serious issues that surfaced in light of major global events, most notably Brexit, the unforgettable US Elections, and Kanye’s announcement to run for President in 2020… We believe there's a lot of bullshit going around that must be challenged and debated. At the same time, people need to do more listening rather than bark and yell at each other WIHT TYPOS & CAPS!!!&!!!$*!@#! We want to make great examples out of users that can engage in civilized, informative and passionate debates - regardless of their opinions. Some of QallOut's main features include self-moderated head-2-head video debates (chess-style debating with mic control), asynchronous video comments, polling, online video debate tournaments and many other cool features. Please explore away and let us know what you think. We’re super-excited to share QallOut with the PH community. We look forward to your feedback and we’d love to watch you debate on QallOut! Thanks, Georgia
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QallOut is a social platform that allows users to debate one another through live video and broadcast their video debate sessions in real-time.
@kwdinc taking debates to next level. I am trying to image politicians fighting on something :p
@kwdinc Thanks a lot Kevin for hunting us!
Yo, @eriktorenberg. You'll dig this.
Thanks a lot @rrhoover, very excited to be part of PH! @eriktorenberg looking fwd for your comments :-)
This is such a brilliant idea! This is certainly going to take off. Best wishes @yazan_madanat_ and @georgia_kokkini. Great hunt @kwdinc I wouldn't sign up though right now, too many permissions for twitter login.
@pradeep_io Thank you so much!!! We are still young but with huge ambitions! At the moment we have sign up with FB and Twitter, please let us know if you had any issues and if you have any suggestions.
@georgia_kokkini I tried twitter login. The permissions it is asking for are too much, can you please explain why do you need so many permissions e.g. permission to update user profile, permission to post on behalf of user and more. Can you just trim down the unnecessary permissions?
@pradeep_io Fixed Twitter sign up! Great catch, thank you so much!
@georgia_kokkini It is fixed. Thanks. Just signed up. :)
Hopefully this platform will help folks find some much needed middle ground. I could see debate clubs using it as well to engage remote fans.
@elliottgolden Thanks a lot! You are absolutely right and we have already started talking to the big debate associations. We also believe that this is the perfect time to remind people how important it is to actually start talking to each other...get out of their bubble, connect and listen to their "enemies"