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I've seen several products like this designed to help making planning easier with friends but we end up resolving to our existing habits: text, FB events, email, etc. Curious to hear from someone that uses this.
@rrhoover met the founders at startup school last night and downloaded it. It reminds me of a mashup btwn three cents, jelly, and tinder. I like Pyne's simplicity for both creating and answering questions. Multiple choice and yes/no is much easier to answer than Jelly's free response style. I also like the ability to filter results. Right now it just seems to be by gender and fb but hopefully they add more filters like location and age. From what I've seen, the use case seems to be casual / silly questions vs trying to make plans in real time.
@rrhoover Thanks for the comment and I hope you get the chance to check it out. I would love to hear your feedback. Pyne is quite different from a planning app and instead is allows you to ask subjective questions in yes/no or multiple choice format to a general audience or a more targeted audience. We have also spent a lot of time on the answering process to make that as engaging and entertaining as possible. To Adam's note about the filters, we definitely have plans to expand these and will be communicating with our users to see what the next best steps will be. Poll the World, Tony
Very useful. Also similar to HeyCrowd that I've already been using for having general questions answered. @lapecc Do you plan on releasing a web version or stick to iOS/Android?