Convert progressive web apps to play store apps for free

PWA2APK, converts Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) to Playstore ready Android apps for free. This works using Trusted Web Activities (TWA) on Chrome v72. Use this free tool to convert PWA to Android app, along with Source code, APK and certificates.

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Hey Product Hunt! 👋 Introducing a free and simple tool, PWA2APK ( Quite recently Chrome announced Trusted Web Activity(TWA) which allows Chrome (v72 or later) to run a website in fullscreen mode without a browser toolbar within an APK. Learn more about TWA: We were stumbled upon @firt’s medium blog(, which detailed step by step process to convert PWA to APK file. In the end, he quoted- "I really want to see a tool to enter our PWA’s URL and get an APK from it." This was the start and over the weekend, we build this tool and launched it on twitter. We got pretty good response. Many converted their PWA’s to Android apps and uploaded on Play Store. Alex Russel, AKA Co-Inventor of PWA tweeted us out ( We got featured on XDA Developers (, Android Authority( and many tech publications out there. It’s almost 2 weeks till then and we have over 2,200 apps created and many are now available now on Play Store! (This is all Free of Cost) ❤️ Drop a message if you have any questions Anees

Allows me to create an APK in seconds without the fuss of downloading and installing Android Studio


So Simple to use and reduces time spent.



PWA apps works well with Web View right? Is a separate app needed? Simple tool BTW
@aslamabbas Unlike WebView, PWA2APK apps are built on top of TWA ( Trusted Web Activity - ). In TWA cache will be shared with chrome, forms auto filling and web push notification works without any additional configuration.
Interesting product. I personally prefer building PWAs over native apps. This might come in handy.
@iamsooraj Glad you liked it 😍
I totally love what you guys have achieved over a weekend. Just out of curiosity are you guys planning this as a side project for all those who are looking to create a quick app or further developing it to a serious platform with all kinds of security and other features
Thank you @jovisjoseph . We will be regularly updating the product with features and security updates.