Real time notifications for your apps

PushRadar is a realtime notifications API using two simple lines of code to publish and subscribe to notifications.

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Hey guys! Whilst working on my own project, I was looking for Ruby notification gems and came across PushRadar. Its ease of use made it so worth hunting. The simple two-line system to subscribe to and push real-time notifications coupled with its compatibility with a number of mainstream languages made me incredibly excited about this product!
This is awesome - what does it mean by “max connections”?
@dansiepen Thanks very much Dan. Maximum connections are the number of end-users on your site that can receive notifications simultaneously. For example, on our Basic plan at the moment, you can have up to 500 concurrent users receiving notifications. In order to work out how many connections you need, just take the number of users who are on your site at peak traffic. Hope this helps :) Anthony
Your product is really nice! Good luck with the launch, hope you'll reach the top 5, you deserve it!
@cx42net Just to clarify, it isn't my product! Maker isn't on PH, it's such a great tool though, using it at the moment for my own project :)
@cx42net Thank you very much Cyril!

Simple two line API to implement real-time notifications, can't ask for much more.


Ease of use




Can get a bit pricey

Thank you for taking the time to post this Aaron! Your comments are very helpful to us in improving the service. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions. Regards, Anthony (Founder)