PushPro 2

Push notifications from websites to mobiles - no app needed

With PushPro you can send real app-like Push Notifications to mobile devices from your website, no app needed!
PushPro is 100% GDPR proof, installs in 5 minutes and comes with great automation, personalisation, segmentation and other tools. Try it for free!
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Hi Hunters! After successfully launching our PushPro beta a year ago on Product Hunt, we worked really hard and are super excited to share with you a total revamped PushPro 2.0, full of marketing automation, great features, and plugins for all the major platforms. PushPro's core business is still to send real app-like push notifications to mobile devices, and will send messages to browsers on desktops and tablets as well. So what's new? - Audience Segmentation : you can now create segments and send personalised messages to very specific audience based on on-site behaviour, last time visits, language etc. This feature is fully GDPR proof as no personal data is stored. - Campaigns : we have something we call ‘campaigns’ which allows you to make drip campagnes, welcome messages, automation based on events etc. - Plugins : to make installation even easier, we added plugins for Wordpress, BigCommerce, Magento, Typo3 and WooCommerce. Shopify will follow soon. - Personalised Opt-Ins : PushPro allows you to create your own opt-ins so you can actually ask to subscribe nicely instead of just the not so friendly standard browser pop-up. - Tons of cool features : we added a ton of cool features such as 'vibration patterns' for your notifications, scheduled messages, previews , test mode and more. Users of the PushPro platform have expressed great fun in using it, not only are they able to reach their site visitors directly (what is more personal then your mobile phone?!) but they also see average CTR of 20-30%. No way email marketing will do that for you. So last but not least: we would be honoured if you give it a try. You can sign-up, check out the platform and even install PushPro on your site completely free, without any payment or filling in a CC number. See how many subscribers you will get in no-time and hopefully you will fall in love with our product. :) If you have any questions, please shoot! We would love to hear from you!
Good luck guys, great new features
Great product! Good luck with PushPro!
Welcome to the push notification space! We welcome some additional friendly competition.