Re-engage website visitors with push notifications

#5 Product of the DayOctober 14, 2017

PushOwl is a push notification platform for e-commerce stores. Currently focussing on e-commerce stores built on Shopify. The platform comes with in built automations for abandoned cart recovery, shipping alerts, back in stock, price drop and more. Moreover you can connect, PushOwl to third party apps and extend the use of push notifications.

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8 Reviews5.0/5
This looks like a very interesting way to bring users back to your website/service. And give them a good reason to as well!
Really cool! Looks like Intercom for Web Push Notifications.

- It's a very well thought of, and designed tool.

- They offer a free and paid options.

- Very useful for first time startups, bloggers, writers.


An excellent tool, especially for e-commerce businesses, to reaching your potential customers and subscribers.



Awesome product by a great team. @shashankkr9 👌🏼
We at www.startupworld.com does product hunting for our readers, and we thoroughly check out the app. Below is the review of the product. PushOwl is a plugin for your website, which re-engages website visitors with push notifications even after they have left your website is known as PushOwl. It is an all in one set to connect and re-connect your web traffic. It has said that Push notifications might be considered as the future of communicating with one’s customers. Functionalities: At the outset, the app appends a smart notification pane on your website, which aids the on-site audience to ascertain the latest content. Subsequently, it leverages browser push notification technology to reach out to off-site customers. Push notifications have been known to be a lot more efficient, than traditional re-engagement tools like e-mails, browser, and others. As soon as you install the PushOwl plugin, a javascript code will be inserted into your WordPress website, thus enabling you to use browser-based push notifications. What to look forward to? The attributes to be added in near future includes: - Advanced customer targeting (notifies subscribers based on their likes and dislikes), individual subscriber history (helps to dig deeper into each subscriber’s notification) - Personalized notification (customizes the message to include subscriber specific information) - A/B & Multivariate Testing (for noting down the perfect message by testing various combinations of messages - Icons - Time of delivery Hope everyone would get most of their answers in the details provided here.