Pusher Chatkit

Developer-driven chat done simply.

Chatkit by Pusher is an easy way for developers to add chat to their apps and services, without having to worry about infrastructure hassle.

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Had a few side projects recently that could have included chat but held off adding it to avoid the added complexity. This looks like a perfect solution, excited to give it a try.
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Is there a demo website that shows an example of how Chatkit looks/works for the end user? (Might consider creating a site where your beta users can chat with each other -- would be a good test).
@dharmesh Not yet but we're working on creating more examples / tutorials that use the JavaScript SDK in the very near future 😊 Chatkit itself doesn't provide you with UI elements to use so how it looks is up to you really. It's setup to be easy to integrate with almost all existing chat UI libraries / frameworks so if you've already got one you like, Chatkit will almost certainly work nicely with it. In the future we may well create a set of UI components that are perfectly paired with Chatkit. We'll see what customer feedback is like in that regard!
Would be interesting to see it live embedded in a real android or ios app. Also would have loved to download a sample app and play with it (or see the github code)
@dandancrisan A more fully-featured sample app is a great idea - I'll see if we can get something out today that shows off some of the features of Chatkit. For now, we've got a couple of blog posts about integrating Chatkit into iOS apps: https://blog.pusher.com/using-pu... and https://blog.pusher.com/using-pu...
Hey guys! Quick question - can we use this chatkit to build internal chat system for B2B marketplace? So those different users could chat with each other inside our marketplace?
@artur_abadzhyan Definitely! If you've got any questions about how it works then you could join our Slack group https://feedback-beta.pusher.com or just send over some questions to me directly πŸ‘