Pusher Beams

Hosted API for devs to deliver transactional notifications

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 07, 2018

Pusher Beams provides realtime delivery and transparency to send critical transactional notifications to your iOS and Android apps.

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👋 I'm the PM for Pusher Beams. We're excited to take Pusher Beams out of beta. We're proud that over 10,000 developers are using Beams to deliver their critical transactional notifications. You can read more about why we built Beams: https://blog.pusher.com/pusher-b... Or check out the beautiful new landing page: https://pusher.com/beams
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@jordan_qj Product looks dope. Are you planning to do outbound sales for your product ? If yes, a) Target mobile app based companies who have recently raised funding. If a company has raised funding, they will have money to invest in a product like yours. b) Target mobile app based companies who are hiring for product managers. Since they are hiring for product managers, it means they are willing to invest in a product hence makes sense for them to use your product. Would be happy to hear your thoughts on this.
This looks really awesome! Great job. Are you guys planning on supporting React Native at some point? More specifically Expo (https://expo.io)
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@trillcyborg Thanks! There's a community supported React Native library, but we have had so much interest that we're hoping to make it a company supported library in the future! https://github.com/b8ne/react-na...
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Cannot think of an easier way to get set up with iOS and Android notifications for the first time!


Set up in 10mins!


New product so user -> user model still to be built.

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This is great. I’m currently using amazon SNS for push messages. How is this better?
@mickc79 I hesitate to trash competitors -- we're aware there are lots of good tools out there and it's about finding the right one for your use case. I'd say it's worrisome that although Google announced they will deprecate GCM by April, 2019, as far as I can tell from the docs, SNS still hasn't added support for FCM -- the replacement for GCM which Google released over two years ago. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/sns/... Beams supports FCM, of course, because we are actively working on the SDKs every day to handle the latest technology and to abstract away the common edge cases and bugs that developers would otherwise have to handle themselves with either of Apple or Google's gateways. Beyond that, we provide a hosted service to keep your push tokens up to date. As many as 1 in 10 were refreshed this summer, but developers using Beams didn't have to worry about managing the state. We offer a lot beyond just sending requests to these gateways, such as Insights -- acknowledgement and open events reported back from the client, and Debug Console -- a realtime events log of device registrations, interest subscriptions, publishes, and notification acknowledgements/opens. Finally, we've got an exciting roadmap and our door is always open for developers to influence where we go next with Beams.
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@jordan_qj thanks for the detailed response. It would be innefficient of me to swap to Beams given that I’ve only quite recently completed the AWS push notification service. However i’ll definitely be back when it’s time to tangle with that part of my app again.
Is it possible to send a push notification directly to an individual mobile device? with FCM you can target a specific Push token. From the documentation I can't figure out if you can. Our use case is a in-app chat application where users talk to each other in a 1-1 private chat
@gianpaj first off -- yes, we're currently working on a feature called Users, which will let you associate multiple devices to an authenticated user which you can target with personalized notifications. We're also planning to integrate Beams with Pusher's dedicated chat API -- Chatkit -- so that messages which are missed by a chat user are automatically sent as a push notification. You can look into Chatkit at: https://pusher.com/chatkit
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@jordan_qj great! looking forward the the Chatkit integration. We're already using it in our app. Just push notification are hacked around at the moment. Keep up the good work!