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Built using the Pusher Realtime Product Hunt API, crazy https://github.com/pusher/pusher...
Love seeing this. Every other day I'm delighted by some new creation with our recently launched API. I'm a fan of @andreasklinger's Product Hunt Chrome Extension. We're making some updates to do a lot more than just surface products in a new tab. Stay tuned. :)
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan, it's been fun working out what to do with your API. Loads of potential!
Hi, I'm Robin. I work at Pusher and created the Realtime Product Hunt API and the Chrome extension. Let me know if you have any questions!
@robhawkes Hey Robin. Nice work, man! Can you talk about how you took our API and made it realtime with Pusher?
@zackshapiro Thanks, and of course! It's actually relatively straight-forward what I've down; I periodically scrape the PH API, looking for new posts since the last time the API was scraped. When a new post is found then it is emitted via Pusher to anyone who is currently connected. I store a historic backlog of today's posts on the server so that you always have a full list even if you weren't around when the realtime events were dispatched (retrieved via AJAX on loading the browser). Let me know if you have any other questions about it.
One of the best PH products yet!
@BlendahTom Thanks Tom! I'd love to hear ways to make it even better.
Been using their main product ("Websocket as a Service") for a few years. Flawless.
@loris That's really good to hear Loris, thank you.