Smart notifications that kick off your automation

Connect iOS with online automation
Smart notifications kick off the right actions - triggered based on location, time, or virtually any event online.
Use shortcuts, Zapier, Integromat, or custom URLs to unleash automation superpowers.
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I have built Pushcut a few months ago mainly for DIY home automation stuff. This week I added and released online integration support (Zapier and Integromat) and hope that it can be useful to many more people. Let me know what you think, internet!
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@simonleeb I'm having waaay too much fun with the Integromat integration (pure fun, negative productivity for the moment). But many options to move local workflows from Drafts, Shortcuts to the web, or segment them and integrate among things that were very disconnected before – and not easy to connect via webhooks for non-devs. tl;dr: really enjoying the app. Lots of possibilities. Thanks!
@rmateu thank you! glad you like it. about the integromat fun: guess what testing looked like ; )
Pricing seems a bit steep for what this provides. How did you come up with the price point?
@trevin pricing is always tricky for mobile apps. my three main thoughts about it are: - any service you build your automation around should stick around for a while -> subscriptions are the way to make that more likely - no ads, no tracking, no selling, no using of your data in questionable ways, just what it says on the box - you are not the product, you are the customer - it is very much a niche product that will never attract the masses that combined with the continuous improvements I believe absolutely justifies the price. how would you price it?
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