AI powered push notification delivery platform

PushAd is an AI powered platform for management, segmentation and automation of communications with website users via push notifications.

Bartlomiej Kawecki
Marcin Stolarz
Piotr Grzanka
  • Pros: 

    Even 10x higher conversion rate. 5% from sleepers and all powered by AI. It really boosts sale!


    We still develop new triggers.

    It's easy in use. Pre-configured. It takes 5 min to run. Check how it can brings more profit & income to your ecommerce.

    Bartlomiej Kawecki has used this product for one year.
Personally, I hate push notifications, specially on my desktop - they're annoying.
700 clients can't be wrong, it's a great product
@marcin_stolarz Hey! Could you tell us a bit more about how the product works? Looks like you serve ads through push notifications on desktop?
@abadesi exactly. We have a system with a dashboard where you can segment and automate communications to your subscribers. We also have a self learning algorithm that optimizes the parameters of notification sendouts
Does push notifications convert as they used to? I personally don't subscribe to push notifications. Only push notification I have allowed is from product hunt. What does the AI do here?
@iamsooraj the AI is used to optimize the sendouts parameters. 12% of websites' users subscribe to push notifications. We have average of 20% CTR and 6% more recovered abandoned carts
@marcin_stolarz That's a great conversion rate!
Where is the AI in this product?
@munipandita AI is used to auto optimize the sendouts