Push Notification Preview

Easily preview how your push notifications will look

This notification preview tool was developed by the OneSignal team to provide an easy to use and accurate preview of how notifications look across iOS, Android, and web push platforms. In addition to supporting text and title, it also helps preview rich notification capabilities of iOS 10+ and Android O.

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The OneSignal team has put a lot of work into building a great experience for previewing how notifications will look before they are sent in our product dashboard. We wanted to share our hard work with the world so the team took the time to create a simple publicly available website for others to benefit as well. We hope you like it!
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The onesignal team has really worked hard and created a wonderful product all together they should allow an option to remove their branding by taking a one time charge
Really cool tool, can see how this is helpful. One thing I noticed, the app icon for the iOS Preview does not update. Probably just a bug, so I'll keep this bookmarked for the future!
@alekplay Thanks for the feedback. It's not a bug actually -- The iOS icon can't be customized for an individual notification, so we just use an example icon and the icon field is ignored in this case.
@gdeglin Neither can the app name, but we're able to specify that. It'd be much more useful if we were able to specify the App Icon too, for completeness sake :)
@alekplay @gdeglin It's confusing because there's a field to put a URL in. I spent a few minutes getting the image URL to put in there only to see it not work, so it was a bit disappointing. Would be better if there was no field at all.
Great job!! 😊Have been admirer of onesignal push !!