Purple Services

On-demand gas delivery right to your car

Ha, this reminds me of an Always Sunny episode...
@morewillie EXACTLY what I thought of. lol
Very interesting. I know of one other company working on this (launching soon) and a friend of mine casually pitched this concept a few months back. I have reservations that this type of service will scale economically. Will most people be willing to pay enough to make it feasible to save them a few minutes at the gas station?
My question is: doesn't the car require a key to open the fuel tank? Most of the car need it (at least in Italy).
Hmm.. I’m pretty sure you have to have a weights and measures pump to be legal to deliver fuel. Do we know Purple has one? How can users be sure that they're being charged for the right amount? The information side of this is a bit slim.
how much does it cost? I have met at least 3x Venture Capitalists who've had this idea for a startup