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PurPicks is a user generated reviews platform for organic and natural beauty and skincare products, so you can discover new non-toxic brands with trusted information -- opinions from those who have actually used the products!

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  • Jansen Sullivan
    Jansen SullivanOwner - Decisiion

    Everything is 3rd party certified, so it keeps it real.


    Brand list is small, but growing fast

    Non toxic / organic / natural is made up of a lot small companies and a few big players. It's nice to see a site to consolidate these brands. Good start, keep the brand list and products growing!

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  • Angie
    AngieFounder of YourApparel

    Certified so you are sure you can trust the product


    More products will be added gradually

    I love how this website shows us organic beauty products that are certified. You can be assured that you will purchase non-toxic products. Although the website is growing and more products are added, this is just the beginning of something great. Jenise sets a great example that can be followed worldwide to encourage purchase of non-toxic products opposed to products some large brands offer.

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  • Ahmed Shaalan
    Ahmed ShaalanUI/UX Designer @ Zyda Technologies

    Natural Stuff!



    This is very helpful!

    Me and my family don't like using chemical cosmetics or medicines.

    Although, sometimes we must use them. Because we don't know where to look for alternatives..

    Sometimes sellers mislead us. Friends recommendation is not quite helpful

    But now I'm sure that PurPicks will help us!

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  • Rob Baumgarten
    Rob Baumgarten23 Brewing Company

    Well laid out. User reviews are super helpful.


    Can't wait for more products

    It's nice to be able to be able to get user reviews about the kind of products I enjoy. I was part of their beta sampling program which meant I was able to try several new products that I will continue to use in the future.

    Keep up the good work!

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  • Pros: 





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  • Raquel Ohashi
    Raquel OhashiCurious person.

    I like the non toxic products stuff and It's the first site that give me that kind of information, even though I'm not a seacher about it.


    translation in other languages :D

    Does it send the products worldwide?

    Raquel Ohashi has used this product for one week.
  • Kevin Tam
    Kevin TamCEO, Prosperitas

    Great for all natural/organic product discovery. They also have a great trial program where they send you lots of samples!


    Doesn't have a complete list of all organic products yet.

    Got lots of free stuff to help me discover what I like. I also like to check the reviews to discover what works best for guys with dry skin.

    Kevin Tam has used this product for one week.