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PurPicks is a user generated reviews platform for organic and natural beauty and skincare products, so you can discover new non-toxic brands with trusted information -- opinions from those who have actually used the products!

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@jenise_lee is building the Yelp or TripAdvisor for natural beauty products. I see more and more people, myself included, opting for organic, non-toxic options in everything we consume at home from food to body lotion. Global cosmetic sales are set to reach $675 billion by 2020 and more and more brands are offering organic options as customers care more about sustainability and their health so can't wait to see PurPicks grow. @jenise_lee please tell us more about the PurPicks journey and what's in store for 2018?
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@abadesi - Thank you for the hunt! Incredibly excited to be here! Like you mentioned, over the years, people are indeed looking for healthier alternatives to replace their conventional beauty and personal care products. Today, I'm excited to introduce PurPicks - a web platform like Rotten Tomatoes for organic skincare... so you know what products other health geeks are raving about! PurPicks is super cool because: - all 600+ products on the site are the crème de la crème in terms of nontoxic/organic skincare -- they've all taken steps to be certified by credible 3rd parties like USDA Organic, EWG and CertClean*. So say goodbye to misleading labels! (Fun fact: did you know a beauty/skincare product can be labelled organic as long as it contains one organic ingredient? Same goes for the term "natural"!) - it already has close to 1000 reviews on the site! - we've got data science/machine learning infused in its foundation. Today, it is a reviews platform. Tomorrow, when combining personal profile data + manufacturer data + product reviews + rich purchase histories, PurPicks will match/recommend products specific to all your needs! The site won't merely contain reviews but will showcase reviews most relevant to your needs. In my case, I can find out what mascaras other women with short eyelashes use! (This is no joking matter! =)) Check out the site, click around, browse through all the indie brands that are only using nourishing ingredients …and let me know what you think -- your feedback goes a long way toward making the platform better, and achieving the mission of moving the dial towards healthier living. *note: I created CertClean 2 years ago which is now North America's leading certification for safer skincare. Both my aunt and brother were diagnosed with cancer and both have since passed; I'm committed to using my chemical engineering and environmental health background, along with my MBA, to do good! Help me! Thank you again for this opportunity! <3 I look forward to hearing from you! - Jenise
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@jenise_lee awesome, congrats! 🎉
@jenise_lee would love to have our product on your page up for review 🙏🏻 https://www.5-am.co/5am-amaranth...
@jenise_lee follow-up question: how can we add our brand on your platform?
@rueter - THANK YOU! (Apologies for tardy reply - this just showed up for me!)

Non toxic / organic / natural is made up of a lot small companies and a few big players. It's nice to see a site to consolidate these brands. Good start, keep the brand list and products growing!


Everything is 3rd party certified, so it keeps it real.


Brand list is small, but growing fast

Thank you Jansen! Yes to growing the brand list - we're on it!
Congrats on the Launch @jenise_lee
@asmiler - thank you for your support! =)
Congratulations on the launch @jenise_lee - as someone who was previously in the health and wellness industry I definitely saw a need for better information about products to cut through a lot of the misleading claims by some organisations. Look forward to seeing this grow!
@toddsoulas - thank you Todd! Means a lot as I know you're also strategy and innovation guru!

I love how this website shows us organic beauty products that are certified. You can be assured that you will purchase non-toxic products. Although the website is growing and more products are added, this is just the beginning of something great. Jenise sets a great example that can be followed worldwide to encourage purchase of non-toxic products opposed to products some large brands offer.


Certified so you are sure you can trust the product


More products will be added gradually

@angeliquesocial - Thanks Angie for the kind and supportive words. It means a lot.