A smart to-do list and goal tracker app

Purp is a to-do and goal tracker app to help the users achieve their goals, accomplish projects, and manage daily tasks on a smart way. The app has the Brain function. It shows which task you have to do in given time of the day in order to reach each of your goals effectively and in time.

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When I see the word Purp, I sure as heck don't think of productivity. Well whatever I'll check it out... Oh wait... No Android! Well I'll be sure to keep an eye out for this one.
@ekana_stone we love the name ;) originally it comes from word "Purpose". Purp's new website coming in July, with a counter button: "I want Android".
@ekana_stone @evekate Ooooh! A counter! Maybe developing an actual app that works on Android might be time better spent. Or maybe I'm just bitter that iOS gets all the cool stuff first (except for rounded Twitter design that everyone loves).
@evekate @deec_nj I agreed with everything you said except I actually love the new Twitter redesign.
@ekana_stone @deec_nj don't worry! if you guys want it so much we will do it! in this month we are working on the Apple Watch version, bug fixes, 1-2 little new features and on the new Website and we have already made some cool lifestyle video shooting for an awesome video. And we are working on the basic personal ML features too. And I have to say this latter the priority in the next months. Yes, we've started with IOS, there are several reasons. ...because we have been using IOS devices for years. And actually, it's easier and faster to develop on it. And products could be great on these devices because you haven't to handle more dozens of sizes and the store more safety and reliable too.... But we would like to consider what you wants, because Purp is for you ;) so we would like to implement features, and manage Purp life as you, as the users want to use it. What we've already planed for this year: - continuous updates to improve user experience - WatchOS - ML AI features - new features, what our users already wanted: repeatedly tasks, roadmap... - cool funny new features for holiday season, Christmas & New Year - MacOs - online availbale version - just we hate registration..., and we need to handle the user's private database... so we are looking a great solution... - and some other secret recipes ;) We will try the Android version put in the list as soon as it possible. And yes, there will be a counter on the website, with other options too. So we will can hear what you wants.
Our new App is here! Thanks Javi! We wanted to create not just a to-do list App, but also an App which can really helps to achieve the goals that seemed earlier impossible! They are also small tasks, just small steps, so we can do it! I am so happy to be part of this project and to be able to develop in the future with AI, to create a product that will really be a real smart companion in self-realisation! The latest news in the App: Soon it will be available on Apple Watch too, till you can use it with automatically data sync on your iPhone and iPad. The Brain function - shows you which task is that you have to complete in order to reach each of your goals effectively and in time. - calculates which task fits the given time of the day and which fits the actual moment. - it provides the list of today, the tomorrow and the list of uncompleted, missed tasks. - gives you feedback about your performance every night - gives you suggestions in order to increase your productivity. And the basics: Goal management - Add middle term or daily goals with deadlines, categories, and task list - Organise and prioritise the goals with progress state - Archivate, duplicate Goals - Graph statistics about your progression, remaining time, number of tasks, time and activity - Filter goals via categories Task management - Add to-do list, create, edit or duplicate task with time - Measure your task: timer with pause/resume/done functions - Sound alarm reminder for your task time - Screen awake function during timer - Display the overtime and time saving - Organise and prioritise the tasks as todo or done Category management - Create, edit or select category to add to your goals - Organise and prioritise the categories for easier filtering Achievements - Motivate yourself to achieve more goals - Earn Achievements after you successfully completed tasks and goals Activity - Global statistics about your progression - Number of goals, task and hours - Graph statistic about done tasks - Piechart statistic about the distribution of categories - Turn the device to landscape mode for fullscreen activity data Synchronisation - Universal app works on all iPhone and iPad devices - CloudKit solution for synchronising your goals and task between your devices We continuously work on this function to make it smarter, proper and smoother. Our goal is to develop a deep learning Brain, which even more understands your context, circumstances and life situation in order to boost your productivity to an extremely high level.
Reminder function at tasks is already in Purp!
Now this is a smart app with a twist. Well done and what a great UI.
I am opposed to pitches with exclamation marks! No, really!
Nice minimal design, @evekate. Lately it seems every app is described as "AI-powered". What's artificially intelligent about Purp?
@rrhoover Thanks! Yes AI is so popular... At us: The Brain function will offer the right task at the given moment based on the behaviour of the user. It will also build the todo lists for the following days based on habits and personal preferences. It means: Not just the time of day or the size of the task or whether it is a task of work or sports/hobby or how much time is up to the deadline (these are already included), but based on personal health and other preferences. Based on personal data accessible on the device, as well as previous activities and searches in browser or last entered text could predict the next task name too... On the other hand Habits: Based on the task management experienced in the App. If you will always postpone certain types of tasks, or you will only complete them in a certain period, their recommendation will be scheduled correctly by Brain in the future. If the rhythm of the person’s task management develops that every third day of a person is slacker than usual, or misses tasks 1-2 times a month, or other "pattern" come up, then the to-do lists will be calculated base on these. The specific programs, events and tasks will be scheduled depending on location and weather ... We are working on these ML methods, and we are collecting ideas and making plans for AI-based developments, gradual enlargement to be smarter and smarter. First version coming up this Fall.