Spontaneous hangouts for singles

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People spend hours on dating apps instead of going on dates. So, we decided to create Pure to bring singles together today. No history - blank slate every day, 1h search for people ready to hang out now, 1h limit to seal the deal. Guys, tell us what do you think!
@sidorenkor ready to hang out, now? like at 1027 AM PST? how does it work exactly? also, how are you going to monetize?
@eriktorenberg Monetization is clear from the app, for $1 you get a week pass to post as many requests as you want—and you get the first week free.
@sidorenkor Unfortunately I haven't been able to use it to meet anyone yet—I've posted a handful of times in the past four days or so and had no connections—which means there is almost nothing for me to do in the app and certainly no motivation to buy another pass. I can't imagine this is unique to me, do you have plans to get around this?
@willimholte if you are in UK, you can try Smoothie (http://usesmoothie.com). It is totally free and and always will be.
@apoorvsaini @sidorenkor I'm (sadly?) in the US, but points for finding a super old comment ;)
This is a really fascinating idea. The short video was incredibly intriguing.
I like the motivation behind this, I agree that most dating/friend/etc networks I've used are too focused on spending lots of time finding/reviewing people, I just want to meet quickly. I just downloaded and will use as much as I can for my one week free trial.
This app started as a contentious on-demand sex app: http://mattermark.com/pure-launc... Clearly they have broadened the audience - their other app "Yep" further broadens the idea for on-demand friends, such as somebody with whom to grab dinner: http://www.ipolecat.com/yep
This is interesting. What do you think of https://www.producthunt.com/post...?