The app that turns "the one that got away" into "the one".

Our mission is to offer users a second chance at reconnecting with someone they may have shared a passing moment with. Using GPS, Perchance locates other users that were in your immediate vicinity at the same time as you. When two users confirm a missed connection, the Perchance app gives them the ability to coordinate a time and venue to meet.

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This looks like a cool app that brings something new to the dating game.
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@eddie_chase Thanks Eddie. We wanted to bring something different to the dating market. We are glad you approve!
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This is the most innovative dating/connection app to hit the market





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Hola product hunters! I've had the pleasure of sitting down with Dave a few times to talk about his app. He is a determined founder and is working really hard to build an amazing tool that brings people together. Please chime in with your thoughts!
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This looks like a game changer in the dating space!
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Looks amazing. So much different than whats already out there (I'm sure people would easily trade "swiping right" for an actual meaningful connection).
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