Teach your dog new tricks with the Puppr dog training app!

Puppr is an app to help you teach your dog new tricks. Puppr includes step-by-step photo instructions and a built-in clicker to help teach your dog tricks from basic obedience like “sit” and “stay” to advanced tricks like “fetch leash” and “jump rope”.

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Hey everyone! My wife and I teamed up with The Super Collies in hopes of creating the #1 mobile dog training resource. We released the iOS app last month and we just released the Android app today. Our first release is focused on the essentials (clicker, lessons for 30+ dog tricks) and our goal for the next release is more features (progress tracking, multi-dog support) and more content! Hope you and your pup enjoy the app -- let us know what you think!
@lemikegao Looks like the model is free to download, and then pay-per-pack... with one free trick per pack. Seems like a pretty reasonable model. The built-in clicker is a nice feature, too. General thoughts: - when you tap to buy the pack, I'd love it if it told me what tricks are included, not just how many (I assume it's all the tricks from that section, eg if you buy a circus trick you get all the circus tricks) - Expandable tips on each step. Eg, with "Hooped Arms", it'd be cool if there was a little "HELP" button at the bottom of Step 2 that answers things like "What if my dog won't jump over my arms?" or "What if my dog goes around behind me?", etc.
@rossdcurrie Appreciate the feedback Ross! I really like the idea of the "inline tips" -- we tried to cover troubleshooting in the tips section at the bottom, but I can see how inline tips would be more effective.

I recently downloaded and used Puppr for the first time and within 20 minutes, Dele, my 14 month mini schnauzer had grasped crawl. He's a quick study and we already had the basic commands down from when he was a pup so I bought the 'Silly' package. Puppr is easy and fun to follow. Anything that encourages me to spend time with my pup is a winner in my book. 🐶


Easy to use. Good range of commands. Simple instructions with visual aids to follow.


A video aid would be a nice addition. Daily reminders would also be good. Would be great if you could bundle buy packages at a discount.

Do you have the same for cats ?
@jnoleau Cat training is a whole lot easier. Step 1: Don't get a cat. Step 2: If Step 1 doesn't work, you can google 'cat shelter' to find a convenient drop-off point near you :D Dogs furever!
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@jnoleau request for product!
This is great, didn't think to search for an app when training our pup.
Can't wait to try this with my boarder collie mix :)
@tovahreva Let us know how it goes!! Happy training 🐶