Puppet Master

Headless Chrome as a service

Puppet Master lets you control headless Chrome via simple SaaS APIs, making Google’s Puppeteer accessible to a much wider range of developers and programming environments.
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Hi Product Hunt 👋 If you run any kind of automation with a browser 💻, you know how difficult it can be to get screenshots that look like they would in a real browser. Puppet Master is a simple REST API to allow you to grab screenshots and PDFs of any web page, rendered in real Chrome. It’s totally free to try! 🌍 It’s built on top of Headless chrome, but because it’s a REST API, using it is as simple as calling a URL. It scales infinitely because it’s built on top of a serverless architecture 📈, and the pricing scales with your usage. Puppet Master has been built on top of saasify.sh, a platform we’re building to make it easy to turn your open source software into a fully functional SaaS product. We all love open source, and believe that open source developers should be able to make an income from their valuable projects! 🤑 All feedback warmly welcomed! 💕
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What's the advantage of using this instead of just running headless chrome myself?
@robmoore Great question. If you can, running headless chrome yourself is normally going to be the best option. But many people work in environments where they can't install headless chrome, or find themselves working in a programming language where there isn't any good way to drive it. Puppet Master means they can still access it with ease. Additionally Puppet Master scales infinitely since it's built on serverless, which, whilst insignificant for many cases, is beneficial for higher performance applications where parallel headless chrome execution speed is a bottleneck.
@chrisvxd thanks for the response! I see https://docs.browserless.io/ is mkaing $25k/month so there is definitely a use case :)
So funny I was just trying to use puppeteer on a lambda function the other day and kept running into issues not only with the executablePath but the 50mb limit allowed with lambda functions. I see Travis is the author of puppeteer-lottie and that’s where I was ultimately stuck was having ffmpeg and chromium in my bundle. It was just not working. I ended up going with a server approach. I would use this if I can access puppeteer-lottie within it. That would obviously require ffmpeg to be installed as well. Would that be possible?
@michael_joseph_aubry Thanks for the great feedback! Currently puppeteer-hottie _isn't_ accessibly via Puppet Master, but we are actually looking to deploy this as a standalone API as part of Saasify, so you'd be able to access it that way. Want to jump on our slack and we can have a chat? https://join.slack.com/t/saasify...
hey there, i was just going into dev mode (externalizing) using puppeteer but maybe you can help. What i need is - my input : an URL (no login) - Process output : screenshot of fullpage render of the URL in multiple pres elected screen types (iphone SE, Iphone 7, Iphone 7 max, Iphone X, Galaxy Note 3, Latest 3 galaxy , Latest 2 Google Pixel, Ipads from last 5 years) Can you help ?
@francoolaami We can definitely support this use case, since you can emulate devices or set the viewport. Here's a Node.js example I just made for your use case, outputting files with the device name: https://gist.github.com/chrisvxd... The docs for the screenshot API are here: https://puppet-master.sh/docs#op... And you can see a full list of devices here: https://github.com/GoogleChrome/...
What can this do that I can’t do with control + print screen?
@kensavage Of course you can! But this is for getting screenshots or generating PDFs of web pages via your code.