Create a web page in seconds, by sending an email.

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Excellent idea!!
@nassaraf Thanks :)
I wonder if this could work for job specs. As a recruiter I have to create job specs often and I am always looking for unique ways to get content online.
@spinmantv If you try something and it works for you, or if you have a feature in mind, please reach out. We are still figuring out great use cases.
Cool idea. How people can use it? Any use cases?
@perpetuous A few that come to mind: - Blogging without a blog, or even signing up for an account. Simply write a post, send an email, and share the link to Facebook/Twitter/anywhere else. - Email transparency and archiving - sharing a large thread of correspondence without continuing the thread. - Leaking also comes to mind.
Simple design, works perfectly .. great product!
Thank you so much!
awesome - any plans to support hashtags or keywords in emails to allow for some content discovery?
@passingnotes We are still figuring out how people want to use it, but definitely have discovery in mind. If you have any more ideas, please let us know.