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Publish content on WordPress right from Google Docs




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Bala S.@leanux_bala · Find Traction For Your Startup.
Sounds like a good idea. So many times we wanted to add that amazing graph on to blog page... but struggled. Will see how it goes.
Syed NaimathMaker@snaimath · co-founder, Foundora
Sure Bala. Feel free to let me know if you have any issues using it. (Y)
Fırat Demirel@firatdemirel · Senior Tech Writer, Startup Advisor
@snaimath Hi Syed, you can promote your product on Wordpress Hunt too. ;)
Abinash Mohanty@abinashmohanty · Product Design Manager @Turtlemint
Nice! But, what about adding tags, categories, etc. For that I guess to customize these one has to go to wordpress site right!
Syed NaimathMaker@snaimath · co-founder, Foundora
@abinashmohanty Abinash, that's a very valid question. Yes, as of now, one has to go to the WordPress website to add those custom elements, but we are working on a pro version, which will allow users to do these as well.
Abinash Mohanty@abinashmohanty · Product Design Manager @Turtlemint
@snaimath @abinashmohanty Awesome! Great work!
Mani Karthik@manikarthik · Just a curious guy.
Nice app. What are the limitations?
Syed NaimathMaker@snaimath · co-founder, Foundora
@manikarthik Well, a couple of limitations are mentioned above. But we're working on it to add more features.
This is a great addition to Google Docs, as it will also allow for collaborative documents to be published to a website. Since multiple people can work on one Google Doc, they can then collaborate on a WordPress Post. :) - Alex