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Publish content on WordPress right from Google Docs

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Sounds like a good idea. So many times we wanted to add that amazing graph on to blog page... but struggled. Will see how it goes.
Sure Bala. Feel free to let me know if you have any issues using it. (Y)
@snaimath Hi Syed, you can promote your product on Wordpress Hunt too. ;)
Nice! But, what about adding tags, categories, etc. For that I guess to customize these one has to go to wordpress site right!
@abinashmohanty Abinash, that's a very valid question. Yes, as of now, one has to go to the WordPress website to add those custom elements, but we are working on a pro version, which will allow users to do these as well.
Nice app. What are the limitations?
@manikarthik Well, a couple of limitations are mentioned above. But we're working on it to add more features.
This is a great addition to Google Docs, as it will also allow for collaborative documents to be published to a website. Since multiple people can work on one Google Doc, they can then collaborate on a WordPress Post. :) - Alex