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Jan Ahrend@janahrend · PhD Student, University of Oxford
Curious to hear more about the regression analysis and ML models that go nowadays into these forms of prediction.
Ming CheukHunter@techno246 · Tech enthusiast, co-founder Spark 64 Ltd
@janahrend I'm curious myself. With all that data out there, I wonder if anyone has done any analysis to try correlate birth month with certain characteristics or personality traits. One could use NLP to analyse conversations on social media. And maybe run a classifier to see if there's any sort of clustering happening.
Alyssa OngMaker@alyssaong1337
Hey everyone, maker of Psydekick checking in. :) Built this for those who are interested in horoscopes and future readings, and added some fun features like fortune cookies and answering stuff like "Will I pass that test?" or "Should I ask him out?" Take with a pinch of salt and have fun!
Ming CheukHunter@techno246 · Tech enthusiast, co-founder Spark 64 Ltd
"Want a hint about your future, or need that occasional sign from life? Say hello to Psydekick ( Your psychic (sidekick) bot is here to give you daily horoscopes, love predictions and fortune cookies. If you need a little sign from life, you can ask it too (‘Will I pass my exams?’ or ‘Should I ask her out?’)" - @alyssaong1337
Henrik Dam Rasmussen@henrikdamdk · Head of Pilot Plant, Better Collective
Well done @alyssaong1337. He's good fun :) What tools/frameworks did you use to create it?
Alyssa OngMaker@alyssaong1337
@henrikdamdk Haha thanks for using and glad you enjoyed it :) Written in nodejs and just rolling my own NLP for now, but definitely gonna start using some of the more established frameworks soon (e.g., or Microsoft bot framework)