Prowly PR Software

All-in-one tool for inhouse PR teams & agencies

Easy pressroom setup & management | PR content publishing | personalized mass distribution to your media lists.

Prowly comes with analytics that help you drive insights about your audiences, with pressroom traffic, email open & click stats per contact included.

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Thanks to the amazing Product Hunt community for all the upvotes and shares - it's always great to see such a positive reaction to the product you're working for! :))) I decided to write a few words about our story, hope you'll find it entertaining :) Back in May 2013, we didn't think too much about any market launch of our app. As a PR firm owner I need a cloud-based tool that could boost my team's performance but there was none that would match our expectations. So @sprzyborowski and I decided to build our own app - Prowly. After some planning and many discussions with our friends, colleagues & business partners it became clear that we should actually show Prowly to the industry and wait for reaction. It worked! After releasing a beta 2014 we'd received a lot of positive feedback (yeah, there were some boos too). End of last year we raised $1.1 million series pre-A. It proved our thinking was right. We were well recognized in our home market (Poland) already, so it was time to start thinking globally. Today we have 130+ clients, 25% of which are based outside Poland. And we're just getting started :) Thank you!
Interesting! :)
@ericqhargrove thank you, much appreciated! Happy to show you how it works, just let me know please. Best, Joanna
Great tool! Thanks!
@sumrub thank you, I'm glad you liked it :)
As a digital product designer and advisor who influences decisions to use this kind of software for marketing efforts for the companies with whom I collaborate - (4 of whom have raised capital this year), I would love to get my hands on it, immediately. It looks (from the screenshots and copy) - like it could be a decent fit for content marketing, and conceptually sounds good. However, you lost me at "Request a Demo" - as a prospect, it is one of the most aggravating calls to action you can offer us. If the product requires someone to explain and demo it, you lost a lot of us. No time or patience for setting up calls and demos.
@jonmyers thank you for your feedback - I really appreciate that you decided to let us know what hadn't worked. There are various SaaS business models, each has its own pros & cons. We decided to start with demo calls (transactional sales model) to make sure our users know how to use all the features in order to maximize their effects. Our experience so far is that it works, and most of our clients appreciate the model. It also let us know the people we work with, better understand their needs, which also helps provide more accurate customer service. Still, it's always a never-ending process, and once we see that this approach is no longer that effective, we'll probably look for something else. Cheers, Joanna
@jonmyers there's an open sign up (it's been there for over a year now I suppose). Any chance for a second go?