The next generation MVC JavaScript framework 🛠️


ProType is an easy to use JavaScript framework that will help you manage

and encapsulate piece of code to build your website or your app. Everything in ProType is defined in classes.

It was inspired by other language such as Swift or Flutter, and other framework like React.

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There is nothing next generation about this. Looks like someone just learnt javascript got out to built a "framework". Still good for a 15yr but then I hate the trend where someone mentions their age in a project to grab some sympathy votes.




Nothing next generation, very rudimentary

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I understand your point, I did another framework a long time ago called DisplayJS, that is pretty different from ProType, and I wanted something radically different. I created ProType for making me more productive. I understand that other people don't have the same vision as me. I decided to share this project not to get upvotes (and you can check in every of my other projects that I never mentioned my age) I just did it here, not to get upvotes but just to introduce myself a little bit (you'll also notice that it's in the comment section and no elsewhere). Thank you very much for your review, it helps me see what people really need. My definition of a framework is that it should help not making developer job harder by making them learn something different. But as I said, it's my definition. The 'next generation' is simply here for telling people that ProType is only working with modern environments (ES6 and above), and because I couldn't find a slogan cooler than that 😎.
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I have to agree with Amitava, very rudimentary.

Also, if I did your first demo in jQuery it will only take 2-4 lines of code.


Awesome that you created a framework at 15


yet another JS framework :)

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You should read my answer to Amitava. I also wrote on the website that it was made for large project, and that you could do a lot better with other frameworks for small projects.
Thank you for your review 😊