The next generation MVC JavaScript framework 🛠️

ProType is an easy to use JavaScript framework that will help you manage

and encapsulate piece of code to build your website or your app. Everything in ProType is defined in classes.

It was inspired by other language such as Swift or Flutter, and other framework like React.

  • Amitava Saha
    Amitava SahaFull-stack JS developer



    Nothing next generation, very rudimentary

    There is nothing next generation about this. Looks like someone just learnt javascript got out to built a "framework". Still good for a 15yr but then I hate the trend where someone mentions their age in a project to grab some sympathy votes.

    Amitava Saha has never used this product.
  • Nicolás Guzmán
    Nicolás GuzmánFull Stack Engineer

    Awesome that you created a framework at 15


    yet another JS framework :)

    I have to agree with Amitava, very rudimentary.

    Also, if I did your first demo in jQuery it will only take 2-4 lines of code.

    Nicolás Guzmán has never used this product.
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Arthur Guiot
Arthur GuiotMaker@arthur_guiot · Developper
Hello, my name is Arthur, I’m 15 years old, and I built this to make me more productive at creating cool things and help developers around the world, please tell me what you guys think about this 😊
Sujan Sundareswaran
Sujan Sundareswaran@soooojan · Curious designer, curious-er dev.
@arthur_guiot That's awesome! When I was 15 I was a dumbass. (I still am, though. :D)
Haoyang Feng
Haoyang Feng@haoyangnz · CTO @
The first thing I thought: Is this from jetbrains?
Arthur Guiot
Arthur GuiotMaker@arthur_guiot · Developper
@haoyangnz Yeah, they have the same gradient. I swear I didn't copy 😂
Daniel Eitam
Daniel Eitam@dadatalks
@haoyangnz my exact same thoughts😂😂😂
Joshua Pinter
Joshua Pinter@joshuapinter · Product at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
Congrats on the release, Arthur! You have a bright future ahead! Quick tip, run a spell check through to make sure to catch things like this: "I use the latest technologie when developping ProType" They're really quick fixes but will really help with how users view the integrity of whatever it is you're making. :)
Chris Choy
Chris Choy@chris_choy · Full stack developer
I think developers will still stick to popular frameworks like react, angular, vue. So, it's not that useful. But you starting to make such library in 15 year old is impressive. Keep it up.
Arthur Guiot
Arthur GuiotMaker@arthur_guiot · Developper
@chris_choy Thank you. I also think they won't change their habits. ProType isn't my first project, and I'm not looking for fame at all. I created ProType for making me productive, and I decided after to share it to other people just to see what they were thinking about it.
Jason Sooter
Jason Sooter@jasonsooter · CEO, The Organic Bloom
How did this make it into the Product Hunt email? Maybe the algorithm for selection needs work? This is neither a product nor a significant project as of yet. The initiative is awesome I suppose, but watering down the level required to be considered notable is a whole separate issue. There are much better forums for the working out of new approaches in regards to js frameworks. This project somehow went under the bar of having to deal with scrutiny only found when used in some real projects and through the fire of figuring out the issues that will undoubtedly rise to the top if it gets some actual use. Product hunt should float to the top exceptional projects and products.