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vipul mishraMakerHiring@vm4canvasflip · Co-founder & CEO,
Hey guys, You love Sketch. We too. That's why we are happy to launch Sketch plugin for CanvasFlip at Product Hunt. This plugin is dedicated to all awesome product and design folks who have been part of our journey. You can now export your Sketch artboards directly into CanvasFlip in a single click. But that's not it, we are working hard to make things easier, faster and better. Coming "really" soon (in few days, I promise): - Instantly Add editable artboards for UI kits/components - Create CanvasFlip prototypes within the Sketch - Get reusable prototypes right from the "Inspire By CanvasFlip" We would love to hear your feedback/suggestion on CanvasFlip, feel free to drop an email on And yaa, thank a ton to my friend and our kickass hunter - @kwdinc :-)
Aditya Dhotre@adidhotre · Creator of @TheMadproject & @ConceptoHQ
Woah God speed! I've been using your product and I was waiting for your sketch plugin to be released. Finally it happened. Cheers team.
Dharmendra Verma@dharmendravit · Startup Lover & Foodie.
Looks pretty clean, With sketch plugin really it will boost the productivity. Would love to give it a try.
vipul mishraMakerHiring@vm4canvasflip · Co-founder & CEO,
Did I mention about "Free Music Wireframing Kit" with the plugin? Yup, there's a highly customized wireframing kit that can be very useful for your next design project. Go grab it NOW.
Abinash Mohanty@abinashmohanty · Product Design Manager @Turtlemint
We used both @Invisionapp and @CanvasFlip, love both of them. And not good to see its Sketch integration.
ManishMakerHiring@mj_canvasflip · Co-founder & CTO,
@abinashmohanty Glad you liked CanvasFlip!
☔️ Jitendra Vyas ⛅️@jitendravyas · Front-end Designer, Olacabs
@abinashmohanty What do you mean by "..not good to see its Sketch integration" ?
Abinash Mohanty@abinashmohanty · Product Design Manager @Turtlemint
@jitendravyas sync screens (art boards) in between Sketch and CanvasFlip
Abinash Mohanty@abinashmohanty · Product Design Manager @Turtlemint
@jitendravyas oops! my comment was pretty wold especially when canvasflip doesn't have sketch integration. But, it's good to see now!