Private cloud servers - Slack meets Dropbox in a box

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Hello Product Hunters! I’m Ali, co-founder of Protonet. When we started hacking on this idea cloud was a novelty word. We loved the simplicity of it but hated the centralizing effect it had. So we started building an alternative. Our private cloud servers (yes we know the wording might not be perfect) give small business a chance of running their own infrastructure without the mess that comes with it. Plug it in, push the one button that it has and you've got a whole suite of cloud based productivity apps running for your business. We'd love you guys to give it a try and since we're all hunters: if you need more than the 14 days trial just send us a message we're happy to help you out! See you guys on the other side, Ali + cheers from the whole team ps. if you want to know what originally drove the idea (warning: it's a little crazy):
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great product! awesome team! :)
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Woooohoooo finally it's on here! I've been using protonet for about a year now and couldn't be happier. It combines all your communications with partners, customers and coworkers beautifully with a complete file management system and task management. And the most important part is it keeps all of your data on your own desk! The hardware is also amazing, a whole server the size of a shoebox! I'm sure protonet will go a long way and I wish the team all the best.
I still remember your demo in Berlin a few years ago and it was great! This is a great product.
Go Hamburg! ⚓🚢🇩🇪✌️