Design, prototype, collaborate, test. Prototyping for all.

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Been using it for almost a year now. Awesome tool and very handy in clearing out everything before development starts. Great job guys!
@mikestrouthos thank you so much Michalis!
I will spend more time on the prototype then the product itself :)
Not fond of the intoduction movie if I can be honest. Tool looks handy, but also agree the pricing might be bit steep. Best of luck though!
@alexispiperides @kevinjay89 Yeah, I LOVE the tool, but the video is a bit self-serving. I'd prefer to see more product examples and less some guy standing in the way.
@justin_barcelos1 hey Justin, thanks for the love and for the feedback. Noted.
I've used for years. When I owned an agency we use it to pitch clients and landed our biggest ever - Budweiser. When I was running a startup factory we demanded its use on every project. And now, with Pikazo, we built our entire product in before we do any code. The key thing about is you're not just prototyping to share with others, you're prototyping to see it yourself! And to think it through yourself! I'm so excited to dive in to V6 and learn how it can do that for us even more.
@nrose thank you so much for your kind words Noah!
To much High price
@hussein_shtia Give it a try (for free). It is worth it.
@hussein_shtia it's much cheaper than building the wrong thing