Hands on training for high-demand digital job skills

ProSky is a hiring and talent management software that gives you the ability to innovatively evaluate candidates and develop employees through succession pathways, so you can recruit, hire, and retain the best diverse talent & culture fit.

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Hi all, I'm Crystal Huang, co-founder of ProSky. ProSky takes the heavy lifting out of job recruiting and training for companies, while delivering more qualified candidates. We identify high-demand job fields such as Digital Marketing, Sales, SEO, Programming, Finance, and so on, and train people on those industry skills in a full-stack approach. As the recruits get trained, they collaborate in teams to work on a hands-on project for an actual company. Companies use our online platform to evaluate the work done, skills learnt and the culture fit and leadership/collaborative skills of the candidate and make job offers to these recruits!
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Part of 500 Startups Batch 11. This amazing service lets you train new employees on the job. Helps entry level employees quickly go newb to awesome in no time. Starting with high-demand job skills like digital marketing, social media and SEO.
Go Prosky, you are amazing! I received ProSky training and that really boosted my prospects like no other trainings I had done before. It opened up new perspectives, connections, and crucially provided me with a ton of high-demand new skills. All that in a format perfectly designed to accommodate my current full-time job. Prosky model is THE future of hands-on training for higherEd people like me who want to hit the ground running!
@elodiegazave Thanks! Glad you had such a great experience!!!
One more training series we just confirmed on 5 mins ago - Data Science! Woo Hoo!
Thanks for this -- sharing it with a few friends that have employees that are far from digital natives :)
@_patfinn you're awesome!!!