A toolkit for building rich-text editors on the web

ProseMirror is a toolkit for building rich-text editors on the web.

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7 Reviews5.0/5
Rafael MassonCTO @ Missive
We’ve been using ProseMirror for more than a year at Missive - We customized it a lot and plugged our own server-side collaborative infrastructure behind it. It was the only editor that offered everything we needed back when we did the research, and I would believe it still is today. Extremely recommended. Also, Marijn is amazingly responsive to issues and pull requests on GitHub.
Bede OverendCo-founder & CTO of
An incredibly powerful editor. We've been using it for the last year or so at Simpla, and it's been fantastic. It's definitely the most powerful and flexible editor framework I've come across.
James Welch
very nice. have had many issues with such editors and markdown conversion in particular. this looks like a great script.
There are so many details to get right with rich-text editing. I worked with ProseMirror in 2016 (pre-1.0), and it always felt more solid than similar libraries. Solid but flexible.
@marijnjh I see you update the website any plans to do more sugar around the product? Like React/Angular/Vue wrappers? Some UI design options?
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