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Hi Product Hunters, We’ve been waiting for this moment for quite some time. Our goal at Proonto is to help internet businesses provide effective and timely sales and customer care over any channel using our community of experts. In the community you’ll find product experts who’ve worked for leading brands and now offer their expertise to brands they’re passionate about. Our solution has been proven to increase conversion rates, boost customer satisfaction and enhance customer experience for websites in many verticals. While our marketplace of experts is what we’re launching today - we’re constantly thinking of new ways to empower you to better interact with your customers - including a fully-featured chat platform, and an impromptu video conferencing app that you’re free to use at no cost! We’re always happy to speak, get feedback , answer questions and meet new people so please be in touch over email, chat or face to face :) You’re awesome. Proonto Team.
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@tamir_eden interesting product. How does a client teach your experts about their product? I have had some bad experiences with past companies who claimed to have 'customer service as a service' but they just couldn't know the product well enough.
Thanks @boris_gefter - great question! We've developed an online "certification program" builder. This is based on experience from thousands of agent interviews we analyzed. You can see this under "My Knowledge Base" screen at your account (requires a sign-up). If you have any other question please contact me directly at:
Interesting Product. I find myself in eCommerce stores many times lacking the same level of support real-life stores provide, I do hope you guys can help with that! One of the main advantages you provide as I see it, is to ability to have multilingual support. Many stores just disregard many markets, closing this gap sounds like a win-win situation for both sides.
Thanks, @navigdor - we're really trying to make the product suitable for a global audience. We support RTL, and have versions of the chat widget for several languages. We think that given the direct 1:1 interaction companies can achieve with their customers through our associates, they can really make the most out of their online stores.
@itamarok You seem to be focused on eCommerce. Ever considered online SaaS products?
@navigdor @itamarok - We have several SaaS companies using our associates' services for their online sales these days . The plans we offer are suitable for both SaaS and eCommerce needs. In addition, we will be adding the option to pay incentives when customers buy or renew licenses with the help of an associate. :)
Hi everyone! I'm a developer here at Proonto and we're super excited about this release. We've been working hard on the marketplace. I wanted to let people know that we are running a special promotion for Product Hunt! Sign up through the PH link - and get 20 free agent hours on your site! Also - don't forget to chat with us once on our site :-) Itamar
Looks like a really nice product, the chart widget looks very nice, specially like the video feature
@alex_flom Thanks Alex! so glad to hear that. Have you looked on our video meeting room as well?
Great Concept - I would definitely be a customer
@tayler2412 We would be honored!
@tayler2412 Thanks, Tayler! We look forward to it!