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Hi, I’m Kate, the CMO at ProofMe. Shout out to @kwdinc for submitting ProofMe to Product Hunt! ProofMe came out of beta last Tuesday and we’re excited to share it with the PH community so soon after launch. For our team, ProofMe is a work of love -- love for the creative and design community and the work they produce that makes our world a better, brighter and more engaging place. During beta, our team connected with almost 11,000 people -- from students to experienced professionals across almost every creative discipline. They all had the same problem, the process of sharing work and asking for feedback was cumbersome, time consuming and their least favorite part of the design process. We created ProofMe to fix that problem. Today’s creatives are working with with a huge variety of content types: images, illustrations, text, web, video and audio, you name it. We wanted to create a powerful, easy-to-use platform that could support all of them, so that our users don’t have to jump from app to app to collaborate and refine their work. We wanted our users to spend less time doing busy work and more time creating, so we developed plugins and integrations with awesome software that creatives love like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Slack, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive and more. We stocked the platform with powerful annotation tools and allowed real-time threaded comments to make collecting and tracking feedback as streamlined as possible. And we’re opening it up for third-party integrations in the near future. We want to empower creatives everywhere to do their best work! Our crew is here to answer any questions you might have about ProofMe. We’re also working on a special offer just for the Product Hunt community. Stay tuned!
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Hey - the team put together an exclusive offer just for PH'ers! Hit the 'Get' link at the top of our profile to claim a 6 mo. free Pro account. 😊
@katebeihl Hi Kate. Great product! I've just signed up through the link above however the 6 months free pro account hasn't been applied :( Can you please assist in looking in to it? Thanks!
We would love to hear your feedback. It's kind of our thing :)
@hansent Absolutely love ProofMe! As a designer I have tried out all the similar services and this one easily beats them all. It's always nervewracking sending a proof to a client using an outside service that they have to "figure out" but I have had very few issues even with the non tech-savvy clients. Minor Feedback - Explaining how to find a new draft to reviewers is always a pain and I end up creating a whole new proof to avoid the issue - The contacts it syncs from gmail seem sporadic and the recent ones i'm looking for often don't show up - When a new person first opens the proof they have to find and click the dialog button to see comments (did I mention some are non tech savy clients..) Would be nice if they appeared by default. Keep up the awesome work!
Check out @katebeihl and @hansent on Twitter. They are working on the project.
@jslampe Thank you for the comment! We appreciate it!
This sounds cool, though I'd be interested in a similar app focused on copy editing and writing. There isn't anything like that at the moment, alas.
@shortformernie Thanks for the comment! We have a lot of writers and editors using ProofMe to review and mark up publications. Our annotation tools include the ability to highlight text, strike it out, suggest a replacement & more so you can get or give real-time, precise feedback on work. If this sounds useful, our help center has a full list of currently supported document and ebook file types at If you do check it out, I'd love to hear what you think of the utility for writers and editors. We're always looking for new feature ideas.