A wearable to measure your blood alcohol content

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Geez how many people need to have a always on BAC wearable? 😬
@gabriel__lewis I might say people who have alcohol dependency issues or who have committed alcohol-related crimes, but it doesn't look particularly secure (nor does the website cater to that market at all).
I'd probably use it to see if I can beat my high score. I'm Irish, so that may take a while...
@liquidchickenqq eek! This will likely be abused by frats across the country.
@rrhoover might hear about this in the news if something happens. Although it does have an alert when you hit a specific BAC. Maybe a BAC race?
@liquidchickenqq It's kind of like carrying around your own breathalyzer as a game, feat of strength!
@rrhoover @liquidchickenqq there's a real business that isn't just about intoxication and abuse. The Breathometer product that debuted on SharkTank was projecting almost $30m in revenue from this article in 2014: "Since their appearance on the show, they have reached close to $10 million in revenue. The company was valued at $5 million only 12 months ago and now it’s close to $60 million. “We’re projected to do close to $26 million in revenue with four different products out in the market. If all goes well and with this new round of investment, we’ll easily be the most successful company ever in Shark Tank history,” [CEO Charles Michael} Yim explained."
Tried this product at CES, was cool-- Wish it would give a straight yes or no answer when it comes to driving...
"4 Days of Continuous Use" has anyone sent a mass email to the freshman class of USC yet? Target market right there.
I'd like to know a bit more about how the cartridge works and the reliability of the readings.
@daniel_reilly same here. how does it read blood content?
@ggnall sounds like it reads BAC off of your sweat.