Prono WorldCup 2018

Become the king of WorldCup 2018 with your prediction !

Prono WorldCup 2018 is a simple web app that allow you to predict score of the World Cup 2018.

Track the rank of your friends and try to be the Number 1.

Join the Game and become the king of WorldCup2018 !

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Hey @louis_lokhi, What made you want to build this? What's your favorite aspect of it?
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@jacqvon At the beginning it was just for play with my workmates. But why not share this with everybody :) For me the real fun is to compare my ranks with firend day after day. This why I will try to add a social feature that allow you to create team and have a small ranking tab just for your team and between team :)
@jacqvon @louis_lokhi I created my account and then deleted it. The description let me to believe that I could share this with other people and compare results, but it looks like that right now each person has that individual account and there's no way of sharing.
@jacqvon @tostartafire Sorry to ear that, but thanks for you feedback. What do you mean by share with friends ? For the moment you can follow your friends score by searching them on the ranking page, but team feature will come soon :)