Executive assistant for every salesperson

Salespeople shouldn't spend time on manual meeting prep work! Based on who's joining and what the meeting is about, PrompterAI compiles a briefing package with LinkedIn profiles, recent news and data from internal tools like CRM and support tickets, etc.

Everything works via email / slack, and there's no apps to install or settings to update.

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This really looks like a tool that helps me to stay on top of all the meetings I'm having! What integrations do you have at the moment?
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@elinauutela great to hear! Right now we have: - Calendar / Email: Google and Microsoft - CRM: Salesforce, Hubspot and Pipedrive - Support: Intercom and Zendesk - Other: Slack In addition to these, we also show information for example from LinkedIn, various news sites, and other public sources. Hope this helps? Also if we're adding new integrations all the time, so if we're missing your favorite tool, just let us know :)
Sounds like a lifesaver. Congrats on the launch!
@olga_gabdulkhakova thanks! Hope you'll find it useful :) If you have any feedback or questions, just let me know. Always happy to chat!
Sounds useful! What type of companies is this good for?
@mikkoikola thanks! Most of our users are doing B2B sales (not a particular vertical though), but there's also for example CEOs who attend meetings with customers, investors meeting with potential companies (sort of sales as well) etc. It should be useful for anyone who a) has a lot of meetings with customers or other external stakeholders and b) has those meetings in calendar and also has invited the other people into the calendar event. This way Prompter can automagically pull up all the information you need for the meeting, and you don't need to spend time doing that manually :)
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@laurihy : Couple of thoughts in response to your above comment. If you have started with sales, a) Target companies who are hiring for "corporate sales", "enterprise sales", "B2B sales" because these are the companies who will be right fit for your product. b) Target SAAS companies who have recently raised funds because they will anyways have corporate sales team in place and would be willing to spend money on this solution. c) Target companies who are hiring for "business development", "partnership and alliances" because these companies will be doing lot of partnerships with brands, conduct meetings and will be requiring your tool. We can discuss things in detail.
Seems very helpful! What kind of content is included in the briefing packages?
@villeriola thanks! Easiest is to check out our example briefing package: The briefing packages aggregate all kinds of useful information for your meetings. It varies from meeting to meeting, but it could be for example: - LinkedIn profiles and pictures for the people you're about to meet - Recent news about the company - Earlier emails and messaging with the customer - Notes from the previous meeting - Links, attachments and other related materials for the meetings - All kinds of reminders and notifications: "when was the last time I met with these people" or "Who are the other people in my team working with similar customers"
This reminds me a bit of Refresh, an app that delivered a dossier before each meeting via an app. I was a big fan of it before it was acquired and shut down. cc @bhavinator
@bhavinator @rrhoover agreed! Another similar was @charlieapp, though they've now pivoted over to a different product as well. I think the biggest difference is, that we combine both internal and public data, so in addition to LinkedIn etc you also get emails, notes from CRM etc into the same briefing package.