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PromoRepublic delivers content ideas based on holidays, historical dates, events and trends directly to your Buffer queue. Always know what to post with over 1500 post templates and 1000 content ideas. Relevant ideas and templates will be delivered to Buffer automatically and for free.
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Where do the content suggestions come from though? I like that on Quuu it comes from other content creators and not just pushed from a company.
@bentossell Hi Ben, and thanks for a good question! It is a curated content created by our content & design team. We collect and analyze all the holidays, events, hot trends and more, then prepare custom visual templates for each content idea and deliver it right to the Buffer queue. So basically you will not miss a holiday, special occasion or a hot trend, and will have an exact pre-made post for your content marketing needs.
@paul_shuteyev how many versions of similar content are there? If your team is the one curating it then is there only one post for 'national cat day' or whatever? Or is there different ones to choose from in each 'category'?
@bentossell Usually we have from 1 to 3 different templates for each content idea (it could be anything from a holiday to a movie premier, or just a trend). And yes, we do have templates even for National Cat Day, though I like dogs more :)
@paul_shuteyev haha was the first one to come into my head!! (I dont like cats)
@paul_shuteyev @bentossell Do you get paid to distribute any of these pieces of content?
This is the logical next step in the marketing pipeline. While Buffer helps you schedule things, the next question is what to post, especially at scale. There's tremendous value here and PromoRepublic seems to understand this well.
Awesome, guys. Good work!
@sharifulin Thanks man! Have an awesome day! :)
Great news! We're using Buffer. Buffer with PR will be more powerful tool. Thanks!
@nazarpanchyshyn Thanks, nice to hear that! Hope you like our ideas with pre-made templates, usually they get 75%+ more likes and shares. We love the engaging effect!