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Hey ProductHunt friends! Our team is here to answer any questions about our Instagram posting, content library and PromoRepublic 3.0 in general. Thanks @_jacksmith for sharing this! PromoRepublic is a content builder for social media, that not only have more than 6000 post ideas along with editable visual templates hand-crafted by professional designers, but also a has a scheduling and auto-posting tool for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Our library of post ideas & templates is segmented by Holidays, Trends, Events and more than 20 Business Categories. We provide users with social media content for 365 days a year. What you get with PromoRepublic: * 6000 post ideas and visual templates * Posting & scheduling to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin * Graphics Editor to customize templates (logo, texts & more) * Statistics, calendar and more What's new? * Instagram posting tool * More ideas, more templates * Improved Graphics Editor Automate your social media content building & posting with PromoRepublic! P.S. Special offer for hunters inside.
For anyone wondering, the trial is 14 days and limited to 1 account
@horea4 That's true, and you are not limited in posts, templates, and a scheduling/posting!
@paul_shuteyev Have you considered providing a low cost service just for access to your extensive events calendar? It is truly fantastic and is something that I would pay for and could capture lower end of your market/beginners
@tese_omesan Hi Tese, thanks for your kind words! Calendar is available even in the Start Package, which costs just $15 monthly if paid annually. But lucky you, we have an Easter Offer at the moment - the coupon EASTERPRO saves 50% on Annual PRO plan. You get calendar + more ideas & templates + posting to all networks including Instagram.
You should really add an option to save whatever you create
@horea4 Thanks for the suggestion Horea!
@horea4 Yes.. I have also asked for it months back. Hope they will come up with this option soon.
@niteshmanav @horea4 This will be implemented really really soon!
these guys got 750+ upvotes when i posted their v2 a few months ago. Now back with their improved tools for instagram, they recently had a lot of attention from an AppSumo promo. In the new version they have added Instagram, improved Graphics Editor a lot and more.
Thank you guys for adding Instagram! I supported your previous campaign, and now I see you have developed really useful features.
@julia_eremina That was the Number1 feature our users asked for :) thanks for your support!
Instagram is welcome addition, is Snapchat on the horizon? P.S. I like your user onboarding flow
@romanzadyrako Hi Roman, thanks for the comment and for the SnapChat idea! We didn't plan to, but will definitely research this. Yeah, we improved our user onboarding, thanks for noticing.