PromoRepublic 3.0

6000 Content ideas & posting tool for Instagram


Paul Shuteyev
@paul_shuteyev · CMO, PromoRepublic
Hey ProductHunt friends! Our team is here to answer any questions about our Instagram posting, content library and PromoRepublic 3.0 in general. Thanks @_jacksmith for sharing this! PromoRepublic is a content builder for social media, that not only have more than 6000 post ideas along with editable visual templates hand-crafted by professional designers, bu… See more
Jack Smith
@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
these guys got 750+ upvotes when i posted their v2 a few months ago. Now back with their improved tools for instagram, they recently had a lot of attention from an AppSumo promo. In the new version they have added Instagram, improved Graphics Editor a lot and more.
Horea Burca
@horea4 · Co-Founder, Developer
You should really add an option to save whatever you create
Julia Eremina
Thank you guys for adding Instagram! I supported your previous campaign, and now I see you have developed really useful features.
@romanzadyrako · CEO, Tooltip.io
Instagram is welcome addition, is Snapchat on the horizon? P.S. I like your user onboarding flow