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Hey everybody at Product Hunt - our team is here to answer any questions about our features and PromoRepublic in general. Thanks @_jacksmith for sharing this! It's a huge pain for any content marketer to generate ideas for engaging social media posts every day, as well as supporting them with creative text and stunning visuals. We built PromoRepublic to successfully solve this issue with Calendar of Content Ideas that contains more than 6000 post ideas along with editable visual templates hand-crafted by professional designers. Ideas are based on holidays, historical dates, events, trends and more, and can be posted into all your social accounts in just a few clicks. What you get with PromoRepublic: * 2500 events - holidays, historical dates, events, trends * Template library - with 3500 pre-designed templates * Social media calendar - plan and manage your posts * Visual editor - to customize templates (logo, texts & more) * Posting tool - for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more * Statistics - to see how your posts perform Always know what to post with over 6000+ post ideas! P.S. Special offer for hunters inside.
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@paul_shuteyev @_jacksmith what is the big update from the previous launch 2 months ago ?
@bentossell Hi Ben, thanks for a question! 2 months ago we launched our Buffer plugin, not the product itself. It was a free plugin delivering post ideas and templates to Buffer calendar. This time it's our own solution for major social networks.
In case you are wondering what onboarding is like, I have uploaded my first minutes with PromoRepublic:
I like it!
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@janahrend Wow, that's not a random-common-comment. Impressive! Did you find it easy to use?
And the Oscar goes to! @janahrend
@paul_shuteyev Very much so! As a social media manger, it would give me lots of inspiration and all the tools are right there to make the suggestions 'my own'.
@janahrend thanks Jan! All the tools are in one place - ideas, customized templates, editor, posting, management & calendar, statistics :) Hope you enjoy!
@janahrend @paul_shuteyev Jan, hi. You formulated this so well. May we use your comment as a quote on our landing page?
Looks great! Do you create all the templates yourself, are they unique?
@julia_eremina Hey Julia, thanks for a reasonable question! Yes, all the templates are exclusively created by our in-house design team.
@julia_eremina Hi :) Great question, Julia. Post Templates Library is updated daily by pool of professional copywriters. Our Internal team is taking care of the TOP Quality and uniqueness. We monitor templates that have been used many times and rewrite/redesign them - so yes - templates are unique. In addition to that our users give personal touch to templates using Graphics Editor. They add logo, change texts and color of the graphics. As a result - they post 100%is unique content. Our goal is to make content creation for social networks easier than ever before!
@pecherskyy Terrific job, guys! As I remember from Pirate Summit, you were focused on integrations with Buffer and Hootsuite. Have you changed your strategy? PromoRepublic is a strong independent tool indeed. :)
@alexstrvinsky Hi Sasha! Great to see your comment here. Thanks for that. We actively push Integrations forward as well with Marekto being the next platform.
Wow! Such a valuable stuff for my marketing team. I will give it a go.
@eugenelata Hey Eugene, thanks for that! Please do not hesitate to share your experience and give us suggestions on how we can do better :)
Excellent product, thank you very much guys!!!
@nymdar4eg Thanks Igor. Check our Integrations with Buffer, Hootsuite and HubSpot!
@nymdar4eg Thanks for such a kind words, and thanks for your support!