Project Infinite by Dropbox

Access all the files on Dropbox without having to sync



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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
"Project Infinite will enable users to seamlessly and securely access all their Dropbox files from the desktop, regardless of how much space they have available on their hard drives. Everything in the company’s Dropbox that you’re given access to, whether it’s stored locally or in the cloud, will show up in Dropbox on your desktop. If it’s synced locally, you’ll see the familiar green checkmark, while everything else will have a new cloud icon."

Much much needed.
Simon Keane — Product Designer, Starling Bank
Ok great! Now when's it launching?
Maxwell White — Principal Consultant, Nimbler
@rrhoover Ahhhhhhhhhh!
Abinash Mohanty — UX Lead @ii5 Global - 1Group
@rrhoover Wow! This is great!
Tom Bielecki — Cofounder, PrintToPeer
I hope this is available to everyone not just corporates
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