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Patrick Campbell
Patrick Campbell@patticus · CEO, ProfitWell
Hey Everyone - Patrick from Price Intelligently, the makers of ProfitWell - happy to answer any questions about how we're different than other solutions and what we're building.
Ryan Gum
Ryan Gum@ryangum · CEO, Attach
@patticus I'll bite, how are you different than other solutions? ;)
Patrick Campbell
Patrick Campbell@patticus · CEO, ProfitWell
@ryangum uh oh. Here we go. :) A couple of ways in no particular order: 1. Basic metrics are free, because we're pricing based on value: Most obvious - we don't believe charging you for the bare metrics makes sense. We're using this for retention and we're monetizing through value add products (credit card dunning, customer insights, etc.). Essentially, we won't charge you unless we can tie it to making you more money. Here's the full article on how this fits into our strategy if you're curious: 2. Realtime, deeper data based on events means your metrics are more actionable: This one doesn't seem as obvious, but it has a huge impact on the data you're seeing in your account. Other metric offerings out there don't show you data unless an invoice is created in Stripe, which essentially means that unless someone is charged or cancels, you won't know what's happening. We calculate everything on a real time basis with events, which means that we can show you much more detailed and accurate data as it happens, rather than only showing you data on a trailing 30 day basis. You don't think about your business as a trailing 30 days. You think about it on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly cycle, which is why we report in this manner. 3. Better revenue and retention reporting means your metrics are much deeper: Because of the above, we're also able to give you much more useful reports - cohort reports, expansionary versus net-new revenue, etc. This ensures you're 5-10x smarter about the movements in your account, rather than needing to chase down and interpret a laundry list of numbers. 4. Much more SaaS Expertise means your metrics are curated and market driven: We've personally built 147 SaaS pricing and revenue engines through Price Intelligently - for folks from New Relic and Bigcommerce to Wistia and Litmus - and with seeing inside these boardrooms, we not only know SaaS, but we know how companies should and are looking at their SaaS metrics. This means you'll never get a laundry list of metrics; everything is curated to be more useful and how the industry is calculating them. Currently, a number of other metrics offerings are incorrectly calculating a number of key metrics. Additionally, the support that comes with an account means we have much more context on how to make improvements or what's the cause of downturns in your data. 5. Most Accurate on the market means you never need to second guess your reporting again: Accounts that are switching are finding us much more accurate than other offerings. Because of the way we're calculating and because of our 100% commitment to accuracy we're confident (and tests show) we're the most accurate in the market. We're accounting for over 120 different edge cases, and counting, because we have an engineering team who is only focused on QA and metric accuracy.
Glenn Gillen
Glenn Gillen@glenngillen · Investor in early stage devtool startups
@patticus I'd love to be able to use this, but we'll likely have customers coming from other channels where we don't directly handle billing (the Apple App store would be an example). Any plans to support direct inputting of customer revenue so we can track things that aren't in Stripe?
Josh Crowder
Josh CrowderHunter@joshcrowder · Founder,
I'm trying out this tool at the moment, it looks pretty sweet. Very similar to BareMetric and Chartmogul but free and with goals / targets
Patrick Campbell
Patrick Campbell@patticus · CEO, ProfitWell
@joshcrowder thanks for posting us, Josh! Looking forward to seeing what you think after you use us a bit longer. :)
Steve Messer
Steve Messer@stevenjmesser · Product Manager, @gdsteam
For a digestible view of our Stripe metrics, Profit Well is absolutely essential for me. (And while we're bootstrapped, we can't afford to pay but *would*, for sure.) It allows me to see exactly how we're performing, and the Goal feature is a great way to set myself daily objectives. I've used the charts on a blog post here: