A twitter-based reference platform

Profiler helps you get references from your followers. They might write about you from some aspects of relationship, frequency you contact each other, and rate. It’s aim for transparency who Twitter users are.
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Hey PH👋 I’m glad that you would be interested in Profiler :) Nowadays, I explore on Twitter for a couple of hours. A lot of accounts there, who publish about technology, startups, and things what is inspiring me. But we can’t follow all of the accounts due to occur like to turn their tweets into noise😣😣 So I want a place to find a Twitter account worth following or not. Profiler is a kind of review site for Twitter account. When you book accommodation, you would definitely check its star rate. Profiler is a kind of movement helps you find a Twitter account worth following, one hand through it shows if you were or not✅ P.S. I’m shipping 20 products in 20 weeks. ( ) Profiler is my first product on this series. So please subscribe me :)
Hey Shun, Looks like a great product! Where do users go to sign up? Can't seem to find where to sign up on the homepage.
@calum Thanks Calum! Sorry for it's hard to understand. You can register with top of the button styled Twitter. I have updated a button text from "Sign in" to "Continue" now
@shun_yamada Perfect thanks!
@calum Thanks too :) Give me feedbacks!
Congrats on the first launch! Excited to follow along for all 20 :)
@stephenflipmass Thanks Stephen :) I'm thrilled to next 20 weeks🔥🔥