500 skills from the best books to boost your productivity

The problem: Self-help books are great but it's hard to convert the knowledge into action.
The solution: ProductivityMentor offers 500 concrete action-steps inspired by books from the world's best authors to boost your productivity in a fun gamified way.
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Programmer during the day and a voracious reader by the night, I had read over 150 popular self-help books to realize that 70% of the amazing knowledge from the books is lost within 40 days of reading. What if we could convert the teachings of the world's best authors into concrete real-life actions to boost our productivity? What if instead of just reading another article about the habits of Bill Gates, we could actually practice them to improve our lives? My mobile app, ProductivityMentor, does just that! With the help of this app, you will: ➡️Master the best productivity skills ➡️Acquire new habits ➡️Understand what it takes to wake up every morning energized and ready to accomplish even the most difficult tasks. Your learning journey will be fun thanks to the gamified approach of the app where you get to earn stars and unlock new skills. ProductivityMentor covers: ✔️Time management - Double your productivity! ✔️Self-discipline - Success isn’t an accident—you must build the discipline to work hard. ✔️Workflow - Employ the fundamentals of managing workflow, implement an elevated and integrated total life management system, and leverage skills to create clear space and get things done. ✔️Essentialism - Do more with less, and more importantly, do the right things. Don’t waste your time on things that don’t matter. Your time and energy are precious, and this path will teach you how to spend them in the most beneficial ways. ✔️Morning routine - Designing your perfect morning ritual will energize and empower you to make the most of your day. ✔️Willpower - Harnessing, training, and applying your willpower will boost your productivity and, in turn, your health and happiness. … and more!
Excellent work guys!
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Great! Definitely better than reading just another book on productivity. I will try it.