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Is Dropbox the new Google Drive? No, really, I'm curious to understand in which direction Dropbox is walking to. I love the simplicity of the new Paper app (which seems a good consequence of them acquiring Hackpad). But now I'm even more in doubt if, at our company, we should be using Dropbox or Google Drive to share files and take notes. I'm interested in hearing what others think.
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@danflopes Same doubt here...
@danflopes I think Dropbox saw an opportunity to make an easier-to-understand version of Google Drive. Logging into Google if you have more than one account (one for work, one for personal) can be complicated. The sharing permissions dialog is clunky and reminds me of something Windows would do. Dropbox is acting like Apple here, not creating anything new, just editing down all the complexity. Google needs to do the same if it's not already too late.
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I think Dropbox does not have much choice here but to complete with Drive. I think its no more about just cloud storage. Its about productivity and collaboration on cloud. Every domain of productivity and creativity comes with their own collaboration tools and cloud storage now. Designers and illustrators use Adobe Creative Cloud, InVision etc. Google apps is an enticing offer for entire companies to collaborate. So only storing data seems less of a proposition these days.
@danflopes I still see significant difference in Both. But adding little bit of productivity tools to file management system makes sense.
@danflopes I'm personally using microsoft office suite for actual documents and spreadsheets because they blow GDocs/Sheets out of the water. Microsoft actually made their office apps have direct built in support for using dropbox as an official place to store your files. Paper is a perfect note taking app to work along side it.
Love the GIF walkthroughs on the landing page. This update introduces more competitors. E.g. the new document comment annotations is a light weight version of InVision. Scanning: Annotations: Editing permissions:
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@rrhoover select, annotate, and conversations on the annotation. Killer concept.
@rrhoover Scanning seems similar to Microsoft Leans.
@rrhoover Could this be a credible alternative to Quip?
New productivity tools, now in your Dropbox Simplify the ways you create, share, and collaborate all in one place. — Capture ideas wherever they happen The plus button lets you create new Microsoft Office files, upload photos, and scan documents straight from the Dropbox app on your iPhone. — Scan Documents Use document scanning to turn that napkin sketch or whiteboard brainstorm into an easy-to-find, easy-to-share digital file. — Collaborate at lightning speed Ready, set, share. Send files and folders easily by sharing from the desktop. With the Dropbox badge, see who else is working in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files to avoid losing or duplicating work. File requests make it easy for others to share work with you. Collect files in a single folder from anyone, without granting them access to its contents. — Bring feedback to the files No app? No worries. Preview a file to see Excel, Photoshop, and PowerPoint files—even if you don't have those programs. Comment anywhere on an image or document. Gather comments on a file and eliminate those never-ending email threads.
Still waiting for the Paper iOS app to come out though
@soukiassianb The iOS app is available in beta. If you email them, they'll give you access. It works well and keeps getting better with every update!
@michalnaka I just contacted them through the feedback option in the desktop app.
@soukiassianb no worries. Totally killed my Evernote addiction. Except it still doesn't work offline (yet).
This looks really useful. Always been a big fan of Dropbox. Pretty cool to see them expanding.
@jakecrump love this video! It's just perfect