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Looking to be more productive? We interview top productivity experts who share their exact strategies on how to manage your time and achieve your goals. Walk away with actionable strategies that you can apply in your everyday life.

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Eva Reder
Eva Reder@e_reder · Growh Hacker, Traveler, Founder
Loved the first few episodes of the show. Lots of actionable advice and different strategies from different people. We all have different personalities so I think it’s important to hear different approaches to productivity.I listen to them on Pocket Casts but I think the podcast is available on any platform. Great job! Here are some rockstar people to consider for the show @vogels_rebecca @meralarik, Mark Madrid, Catalina Campos (Founder Greenovate Construction)
Manuel Bruschi
Manuel BruschiMakerHiring@ttrauser · Make your time count.
Thanks so much for hunting us @sethlouey! We know that tracking time is just one part of the equation - the other part is using this information to change your working habits so you can improve your focus and become more productive. 🚀In the end, it's not about how many hours we work, but about how we work within those hours and what we accomplish. 🎯 That’s why we started interviewing leading experts willing to share actionable advice on our podcast. For all listeners from Producthunt >> you can get 15% off our super cool time tracking Pro package with the coupon code “PHProductivityMasterminds” 🤫 If you miss anyone on our podcast who can share something useful, please let us know?!
Matt Kohn
Matt Kohn@matt_kohn
Entrepreneurs - myself included - could use all the help they can get when it comes to optimizing our time. Thanks for putting together this podcast guys ! Grateful to be a part of it.
Eric Y Chen
Eric Y Chen@eyfchen718 · Head of Growth, Startpad
Love the topic of this podcast. I get so much value from learning from other people’s perspectives on productivity!
Juan Felipe Campos
Juan Felipe CamposMakerHiring@juannikin · CEO/Founder NomadApp
Thank you for the hunt, @sethlouey! The premise of this podcast simple: what do top performers and experts know about time management that most of us don't? 🤔 We want each episode to be super valuable for anyone competing at an "Olympian" level in his/her industry. Who should we have on the show next?? Let us know in the comments!