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Productive is a tool built with over a decade of project management experience. Designed to support agency business processes, with a strong focus on profitability insights, Productive handles your workflow from sale to invoicing and everything in between. Try out Productive in a free 30-day trial and let us know what you think.

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Hi ProductHunt, First off, big thanks to @bramk for hunting us! It’s a pleasure being able to finally present Productive to this wonderful audience. I’ve spent years working in software development agencies. During that time I’ve had the opportunity of trying dozens of wonderful project management tools that were supposed to help me and my team deliver on time, ensure high quality, and high profit margins. Most of these tools fill out their specific roles perfectly. However, we always found ourselves looking for an integrated approach and tried to combine “complementary” software that ultimately communicated quite poorly one with the other. Furthermore, even if we set things up to work as intended we still lacked critical insights that would really step our game up and help us be more productive and equally profitable. We decided to do something about that and ended up building Productive - the only tool we needed to run a profitable agency. Productive integrates all of the features an agency needs to get the job done into a single solution that was built without cutting any corners. We wanted a tool that was robust, yet intuitive, full of features yet affordable. Most importantly, Productive focuses on profitability, giving you a realistic insight into your bottom line, and keeping you informed about the status of your projects and their budgets at all times. I know it sounds a bit too good to be true but we did it and we are ready to share Productive with you. Let me know what you think, I’m looking forward to your comments and suggestions. Jan,
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@bramk @jan_varljen great product, have been using it for a year and happy to see the progress. What's on the horizon for the tool?
@bramk @frank_denbow Hey Frank! Thank you for the praise! You can check our current progress and future plans on our roadmap page here:

We have been using Productive in ENTG for almost 4 years and can only say the best about this product. We use it for organising projects, tracking time, invoicing, reports, financial review... It's great that they add new features that we always end up using in our work.

If we need anything at any time, the team from Productive responds very quickly to the messages and always helps us.

An excellent team that stands behind great product that we will always be very happy to recommend.


Amazing features, easy to use, everything we need is in one place, finance report is very useful



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Productive is a core tool for our agency for a bit over a year now and we feel that it has become much more than a tool - it's part of company culture. Here at we make sure we are transparent to the clients in all aspects and really helps us get the best of that. With Productive you can show your clients how much time you've spent on each task, what tasks do you have remaining to do and even engage them in discussion over a certain topic you choose.

Financial control over the company liabilities and salaries is awesome. Indeed with this level of simplicity and good reports you can't go uninformed about the profitability of each project you do and agency overall.

Cherry on top if their dedicated support. No question was left unanswered and they are on top of all of your suggestions and ideas. Excited to see what the next year of cooperation will bring. Surely only more good things!


Really helpful in organising a team of 25 developers

Love the financial insights that it can show via reports

Easy to manage&create invoices


Lack of burndown chart in projects

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Thank you for the review Ivica! Just want to share some info with you about burndown charts. In our roadmap ( you can see that we are working on many reporting improvements including reports on projects and burndown charts. Here's a little sneak peek at our design for the report here:
Awesome Pricing page
@tahaqadri thank you! I'm glad you find it awesome :)
Awesome product! I'll be giving this a try. Side note: you need bright/attention grabbing call to action buttons on your site. The site buttons blend in with the white background right now.
@andrewleereal Thank you for the note about the CTA buttons. We'll look into it :)