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ProductHop displays products posted on Product Hunt exactly a year ago. The reason I built it was so I can look back at products to add them to collections. However it can also be used to see the progress made on products over the last year, or new hunters can see products posted before they became active users of the site. Update: You can also view the hunts from a year ago at http://producthop.com rather than through the chrome extension
LOVE this. As I shared a few days ago in Product Hunt's Year in Review, over 11k products have been posted in 2014 and now that we've been around for just over a year, we have some history to reflect on. @alikafridi - why build this as a Chrome extension though? I'd love to view it as a website -- more accessible and shareable with others. EDIT: you're fast, Ali (ProductHop is now viewable on the web: http://www.producthop.com).
@rrhoover - I built it as a Chrome extension initially since I thought Product Hunt users might find it easier to view the products that way. I'm happy to hack together a quick website version as well (already on it, will update in a bit once it's ready)!
@rrhoover I'd love to see a First Version PH section. An entry for the first version of Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Flickr etc. Makers, comments, screenshots etc.
@shauntrennery great idea! We need to do a better job of connecting posts with their initial launch and future updates.
Really well done! It is a fun (and practical) way to look back!
@corleyh - Thanks Corley!
Would be awesome to get some of the Makers to comment on what's evolved with the products over the past year
@KristoferTM I was thinking the same. It would be fun to make this a separate section of PH itself, reigniting the conversation (and discovery) from products hunted a year ago.
@rrhoover Definitely. I noticed Yo kept posting in the original hunt. Seems to already work on PH by seeing those alerts come in which is cool. Hope more people start doing that!
@KristoferTM @rrhoover - I'd love to see this integrated as a feature or section on PH itself!
Is there a way to do a personalized version? For stuff you've previously upvoted. eg. "A year ago today you upvoted product X. Have you used it?" etc.