ProductHired 2.0

Largest career platform specifically for product leaders

ProductHired 2.0 is the largest career platform specifically for product managers, product marketing managers & product owners! ProductHired is focused on you, your skills, your employers, your career!
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Great job! Love the UI, animations, usability, and product thinking behind the implemented features. I would say it's "the most sexiest" job search site I've ever seen!
@alex_korovyansky Thank you Alex! Who ever said job search should be boring and boxy? Our UI is definitely a feature, but also it's a foundation for something much larger that is coming. ProductHired has an aggressive roadmap for this year and wow, will you be amazed!
Absolutely love the UI 🙌 Such a rich repository of listings too! Would love to know where you're sourcing roles from?
@lachlankirkwood We get them from a variety of places. First, it's best if they are posted directly on our site. Local listings get priority and favored status. However, we do have partnerships with companies like Indeed, Careercast, Github Jobs, Government Listings and some others. We also have a crawler that goes out and hunts them out. We add more over time and are always looking for partnerships. We have an aggressive roadmap for this year and are turning our eyes more into ATS systems and integrating there. We then take all these crawled jobs and crunch them, analyze them, and figure out what's good and bad, classify them and prioritize them. This will get better over time. Our goal is to have all the product jobs, BUT ALSO, to make them usable and searchable and tied to our algorithms for matching. A lot fo that is forthcoming. So the best bet, if you have a job to post, don't depend on outside companies to post it. Post it directly on our site and take advantage of our features.
@mstephan Thanks for sharing, really appreciate the insights!
Interesting how "product person" is morphing into a career path. Makes sense though - managing a product is a skill set distinct from development and design. This looks great, and I love the design and feel of the site.
It is beautiful and perfect for anyone who has found themselves of this path.
@mya_c Thank-you Mya.
Hello Hunters! I am Nicholas Ivanecky, co-founder of ProductHired, a start-up focused on building a career platform for Product Leaders. We are different than other job search sites because we focus on product leaders finding the best roles and help companies gain access to these individuals where Indeed, LinkedIn and Glassdoor cannot. In order to accomplish our goals, ProductHired currently reaches thousands of product managers, with over 18,000 job posts from around 75+ countries, and provides the necessary resources to get PMs hired. Today, we are releasing our second version of ProductHired which implements many of the user feedback we’ve gotten these past few months. Some requested features include a better search experience, job alerts, saved jobs, an employer dashboard w/ analytics, and easy job submissions. This release sets the ground work for future features to improve your ProductHired experience. Try our new experience and let us know how we can do better.