Minimalistic job board for Product Managers

#4 Product of the DayDecember 01, 2015
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Very cool, are you planning on adding ability to filter by location and if remote work is possible?
@husseinyahfoufi Yes thats next feature we are going to add. We will call it "filter tags", as we want to keep it extremely simple!
Hi all, I've created this simple job board for even simpler reason: get all offers that seem great in one place (without distractions). I hope it will serve well for PM community! I would love your feedback!
@4th_seguleh What stackup did you use to create the list ? This is pretty useful.
@jinalzz @4th_seguleh List is created and curated by hand from company pages. It's a plenty of manual work, but its manageable!
Looks cool! Where do you get your content from?
@jonastwt fist is selecting list of good startups, I use plenty of good startup lists. I want to get best offers on market. Then I'm visiting every company page and trying to locate openings. Thats why gives you company page directly without any intermediate content. Everything by hand! We are getting US offers only now (for consistency when there is no filtering).
this looks really solid. sent to a PM friend.
This is great. Niche job posting sites make a lot of sense.
@thisisgustav thank you, I hope it will be useful for PMs!