Involve your users with product updates, roadmap and bugs

ProductHero is a beautifully simple widget to publish in-app product updates and news, share the roadmap while collecting upvotes and feedbacks, track bugs and errors, chat with your users.
It comes with a bootstrap like UI and dark theme.
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The creator has pretty blatantly ripped off Beamer. If your going to play the game like this and just rip people off, at least come out and be up front with it. 'Hey, I saw beamer and thought I could do it better. I have copied it nearly exactly but have just localized out of the gate to the UK market' etc.
@jcwinter Hello Justin, thanks for your thought, even if I find it a little bit overstated. I have no difficulty to admit I copied from getbeamer the modal with the message and the paring widget/standalone page in the landing page, all the rest: completely different!
@jcwinter Not really. Sure, he has the same copy which he should probably change, but the modal design is different. Taking inspiration from a design is commonplace - e.g. most live chat widgets (Intercom vs the rest), the 'A Support Manager's Job is Hard' section on Boostopia. No need to be a dick about it, Justin.
Dear Hunters! very long time I didn't launched something new, so I'm very happy to share this new product of mine with you all! --> The problem: As a user of different saas products myself I cannot helped to notice that all the "user engagement" tools and infos (product updates, product roadmap, bugs tracking system, webchat box, demo/appointment box) are often scattered around and almost never in-app. --> The solution: So I thought to make an in-app widget to integrates all this stuff in a single simple place: ProductHero was born! From within the widget it is basically possible to: - publish in-app product Updates and News - share product Roadmap, collect Upvotes and Comments, new feature Requests and Feedback from (registered) users - collect and track down Bugs and Errors - publish Tips&Tricks/Tutorial about the product itself - integrate existing Webchat tools (actually supported Drift, Intercome and Crisp) and Calendly It's actually available as in-app Widget or public standalone page. It comes with a Bootstrap-like UI with both light and dark themes. It supports markdown, emojis and images/video upload. Thoughts?
Big fan! :-) Congrats on the launch.
@danielkempe thank you Daniel! Much appreciated!!
Very good idea. I have implemented it on my site : So far I like it a lot, very unobtrusive design.
@pierreroberge thank youuuu!! You are officialy my first user :-) looking forward for any feedback/suggestion from your side! ๐Ÿ’Ÿ
Very cool--I like the clean design.
@bitler thank you Brad! Most of it it's plain bootstrap (widget), for dashboard I used!